Whats in my bag?!

For each wedding, it is essential that I have all the equipment I need to perform my very important duties as your wedding photographer. Here's a peak of what equipment I pack for every wedding.

The Cameras
Nikon D810 - My baby. This beauty is what creates my beautiful images. Mama loves you :)
Nikon D750 - The back up

The Lenses
Nikkor 70-200mm - This allows me to get up close and personal from a distance. 
Nikkor 85mm
Nikkor 50mm
Simga  35mm
Nikkor 24mm

 The Others
Plenty of Spare Batteries
SB 910 Flash Unit
Plenty of Sandisk Memory Cards
Jansport Fanny Pack (yes I wear a fanny pack, please don't laugh when you see me in it)
Manfrotto Tripods and Heads
Manfrotto Monopod
Flash Bracket
Lots of other random little necessities