Our Commitment to You

We understand planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience sometimes. We are here to help make this experience as effortless for you as possible. Our goal is that you will always remember how magical your wedding day was when looking back at your wedding album for years to come.

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+ When is the best time to book my wedding photographer?

For Weddings: It is important to book something as important as you wedding photographer as early as possible! It is especially important to ensure that you are able to obtain the photographer that you really want, before someone else reserves your wedding date. We, as well as many wedding photographers, are booked as much as 24 months in advance. Certainly you should have your photographer booked at least 12 months prior.

+ Do I need to pay the full amount at once? Do you offer flexible payments?

You do not have to pay the full amount at once. After you’ve reserved your big day with the deposit of $1000, the remaining balance is broken down into two payments due 6 months before wedding day, and 1 month before wedding day.

+ Do you edit our wedding photos?

Every image will receive enhancements and color correction to ensure the best possible quality of all images. Additionally, we personally select the very best images for that extra special touch, for framing, sending out to friends and family, etc.

+ How many pictures will we receive?

We do not limit your wedding day to any certain number of pictures. It really depends on the length of the day, how many events you have planned, how many guests, etc. Typically we deliver about 100+ images per hour. For a full wedding day, you can expect between 500-800+ pictures.