How to choose an amazing team of wedding vendors, even from far away.

I recently photographed a local wedding for a couple who planned the entirety of their wedding from another country. They found me on The She didn’t ask for referrals for other vendors, so I was pleasantly surprised when I ended up working with some of the top vendors in each category in the area for her wedding — most all of them my friends who I have worked with many times before. I was so impressed that she was able to plan her wedding from afar and amass such a stellar team of vendors, that I decided to pick her brain, as well as the brains of other past brides to find out how they found the vendors they ended up loving to work with. 

Whats in my bag?!

For each wedding, it is essential that I have all the equipment I need to perform my very important duties as your wedding photographer. Here’s a peak of what equipment I pack for every wedding. The Cameras Nikon D810 – My baby. This beauty is what creates my beautiful images. Mama loves you 🙂 Nikon […]