Kathy & Gio - Sneak Peak

Kathy & Giovanni 

Now this was a reception for the books, for sure. All weddings are fun, but some.. You can tell by all of the laughter captured, that on the fun meter, this wedding reception was off the charts.

Congrats Kathy & Gio!


The parents of the couple.. came out with a BANG!

How adorable are these little twin spectators.

Hey, hey.. go Gio go Gio. Shake it, but don't break it!

There's always one at every wedding.. Even if only for a few moments.. they are sure to steal the show. 

This cousin thought he was giving a family friend a lap dance..

..until they blind folded him.. and played the ol' switch a roo..

I don't know how I managed to capture these images through my cracking up! 

Let the party begin!

Reception Venue: Olga's Banquet Hall, Miami, Fl