Top Black Wedding Photographer South Florida — Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach

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Boca Raton Wedding Photographer at The Addison

Being a black wedding photographer who also happens to be a woman has privileged me with so many unique experiences throughout my career. I also owe these unique experiences to being a black wedding photographer in the heart of South Florida.

With Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach being in such a microcosm of culture, I had the opportunity to photograph a diverse display of cultural celebrations including African American, Jamaican, Trinidadian, Haitian, Nigerian, Indian, Asian, and Latin/Hispanic weddings. Not to mention some Greek Fraternity & Sorority events including Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Kappa Alpha and Omega Psi Phi weddings.

black wedding photographer Miami
Wedding Photographer, Jenaae Jackson
black wedding photographer

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I must say that it has been quite a ride thus far and I’m so grateful for the gracious couples who welcome me into their families to document their love stories.

African American Wedding Photographer for Diverse and Multi-Cultural Couples

Just as music, storytelling, and art have been — photography too, has not been an impactful part of the African American experience throughout history. We treasure the photos that have been handed down to us throughout generations. Photographs that tell our unique stories. I believe that by being a part of the photography process, as black photographer, I am a historian of our experience. Of your experience.

miami engagement session black photographer

Culture is an integral element of each couples story. Of each couples wedding day. Of each couples story.

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It’s important that you choose a photographer you can feel at ease with during your most intimate moments. On one of the most special days of your life.

Miami Wedding Photographer

I take pride in uniquely documenting each couples unique story.

Engagement Black Photographer Miami

Because love knows no bounds.

Haley and Robyn

If you are looking for a black wedding photographer or an African American wedding photographer to capture the diverse array of melanated tones that will compose your big day, look no further. I will photograph and edit your wedding photography so that the rich vibrancy of the day are true to life. View the full portfolio of Miami wedding photography and more on the home page.

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Stella Image

Stella Image

At Stella Image Photography, we pride ourselves on producing fun, fresh, and authentic wedding imagery. Our studio specializes in photojournalistic style wedding photography. More than anything, our team's priority is capturing the real moments of your wedding day as they unfold. We prioritize capturing very natural, and candid images to authentically tell each unique wedding story. It is our goal at each wedding, to unobtrusively document all the raw emotions our clients will cherish for a lifetime. We understand you don't want to spend your entire wedding day taking, cheesy, old fashion wedding portraits. We believe every couple is different, and curate a unique photo story all your own.

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