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elopment wedding photographer miami

Sunny South Florida is a fabulous location to elope. And if you’re looking for an elopement photographer in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach to capture your very big — small day, look no further.

Be it an intimate destination wedding ceremony on Miami beach or you two are heading to the courthouse, in light of the COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic, many couples are opting to elope in 2020 and beyond. While your wedding day may need to be smaller than you would have hoped for, it’s still a very special day that deserves to be photographed and documented beautifully.

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I have been a South Florida wedding photographer for several years now. And while being a wedding photographer in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas sometimes requires an agile ability to adapt, Coronavirus is something we are learning how to navigate. As an engaged couple, who refuses to forgo the joining of each other in marriage, an elopement ceremony is a wise option.

What is an elopement wedding ceremony?

Gone are the days when couples would run off all alone to get married in secret (OK, maybe some people still do that). An elopement wedding is an intimate wedding ceremony that maybe with or without a small gathering of family and friends. An elopement wedding ceremony may take place anywhere — in a church, in your private home, or at the courthouse. And with Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach attracting so many destination weddings usually, an elopement wedding ceremony could even take place on the beach.

What is the experience like with an elopement photographer?

Just as low-key intimate and casual as an elopement ceremony may be, the experience with your elopement photographer is just the same in that regard. You can imagine an elopement photography experience being very similar to that of an engagement or portrait session. Although each element photography experience is customized to fit each individual couple’s needs.

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You can expect that as your wedding photographer for an element I will most certainly capture the most significant moments of the day including the ceremony, and couples portraits of the two of you as well. You may choose however to include or not to include getting ready pictures and perhaps photos of an intimate reception.

Here is more of what you can expect from us as your elopement photographer:

  • You will be guided through the planning of locations in and around South Florida that reflect your desires and needs
  • Following your elopement wedding, you will be assisted in posing to make you comfortable when being photographed
  • You can also have an entirely unposed session if desired!
  • You will look stunning, relaxed, and happy in your wedding photos
  • You may choose to use my full-service printing and heirloom design album service

Elopement Wedding Photography Packages

Please note that our elopement wedding photography packages do not include an officiant. You will need to hire and organize a licensed officiant to marry you. I will be there to beautifully document the day.

We offer wedding elopement packages at an hourly rate. This hourly rate includes your wedding photography session, retouching, and a digital gallery of your images. Rates start at $395 — to learn more about our wedding photography packages for elopements, please get to touch by filling out the contact form on our home page.

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Stella Image

Stella Image

At Stella Image Photography, we pride ourselves on producing fun, fresh, and authentic wedding imagery. Our studio specializes in photojournalistic style wedding photography. More than anything, our team's priority is capturing the real moments of your wedding day as they unfold. We prioritize capturing very natural, and candid images to authentically tell each unique wedding story. It is our goal at each wedding, to unobtrusively document all the raw emotions our clients will cherish for a lifetime. We understand you don't want to spend your entire wedding day taking, cheesy, old fashion wedding portraits. We believe every couple is different, and curate a unique photo story all your own.

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