Best Engagement Photo Session Locations in NYC

When it comes to Engagement Session Photo Locations, New York City has much to offer couples who seek extraordinarily beautiful background scenery. Whether you met in NYC, started your lives together here as a couple, or perhaps you’re just passing through, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey especially have many splendid Engagement Sessions Photo Locations to […]

What to Wear for Your Engagement Photo Session

What to Wear in Your Engagement Photos Syndicated from Not sure what to wear in your engagement photos? Check out our tips for putting together photogenic engagement photo outfits you’ll love. Your engagement photos should be a fun, less formal precursor to your wedding day photos. You may use these photos for your save-the-dates, […]

Planning Wedding Day Timeline

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Wedding day Timeline. It is completely up to the bride and groom to arrange and plan the wedding day timeline how they see fit. It is strongly encouraged that the bride and groom and or planner/coordinator, work with the photographer when planning the timeline. Involving the photographer will give you the opportunity to obtain very valuable advice […]

12 Cute and Clever Wedding Jokes to Make any Bride to Be Chuckle

Because what better way to procrastinate while wedding planning. Drum roll please… Did you hear about the two spiders who got engaged? I heard they met on the web. Two cannon balls got married this morning. I hear they’re already expecting BBs. Did you hear about the two cell phones who got married? The reception […]

Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer

Booking a wedding photographer is serious business. Make sure that before you set foot into a consultation you’re prepared with good question and a pen and paper to take important notes. Here are 10 questions every bride should ask before booking your wedding photographer.

3 big factors that impact the cost of wedding photography

The cost of photography is an important part of the wedding budget, and it’s something that many couples aren’t really aware of until it’s staring them in the face. So how much does wedding photography cost, anyway? The short answer is, it depends. You may be able to find a photographer on Craig’s List who is willing to shoot your wedding for $500. And high-end photographers who specialize in the luxury market range up to $25,000 and beyond. So the range is HUGE. So what gives?

The Top 7 Mistakes Couples Make

When it comes to weddings, I’ve pretty much seen them all. From the a casual backyard, destination beach wedding, to the lavish upscale soiree. Regardless of the type of wedding shin dig you’re throwing down, there is one thing that at every single wedding should not be overlooked. Timeline, timeline, timeline!

12 things wedding photographers want to tell you, but can’t

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3. I love those photos with the blurry backgrounds. How do you get that look?

You’re talking about shallow depth of field. Photographers get that look by using professional lenses that are able to focus tightly on the subject.

If you’re a fan of this look, you’ve found your photographer. We love using this technique to really make your wedding images pop!